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Limo for Wedding Gadsden
Wedding Limousines Gadsden

Weddings are just not "picture perfect" without a limousine for the bride and groom or the reception party! You don't have to skip the Limo if you are on a tight budget anymore.

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Prom & Graduation Limo Gadsden
Prom & Graduation Limos

Prom night and homecoming. A perfect time to see your kids grow up. It's one of the most important nights for teenagers. So why not make it extra special for them by calling Gadsden Executive Limousine?

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Corporate and Group Transportation
Corporate and Group Transportation

If you have a large group of people coming to Gadsden, why put them through the headache and hassle of each one getting their own rental car?

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Airport Limousine Gadsden
Airport Limo Service

We'll pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel in class if you like. Or let us pick you up at home and drive you straight to your gate.

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Welcome to Gadsden Executive Limousine!

If you are looking for Gadsden Airport Limo Service, Limousine Service for Weddings, Prom or Graduation Limos or any other Limousine Service in Gadsden, give Gadsden Executive Limousine a call at 404-750-4055 for details today! Get the very best in Etowah County Limo Services! The Limo experts at Gadsden Executive Limousine look forward to serving you!

Gadsden Stretch Limousines

A stretch limousine is a luxury car that is lengthened to accommodate additional passengers who need more seating options and legroom. These elongated vehicles are necessary for medium or large parties who need transportation from one place to another—at the same time. In Gadsden, a stretch limo is the most popular form of limousine.

Customers usually get more than one stretch limousine to move large groups to their destination as soon as possible. A company may choose stretch limousines over traditional group transportation for the purpose of improving their company image. It's also necessary when providing employees and executives with a more comfortable travel option.

Many traditional limousines used in Gadsden are actually stretch limos. These limousines are commonly known as Lincoln Town Car Stretch and 'Super Stretch' limousines. They're made in several other models, modified to accommodate a larger number of guests in a single travel party.

Stretch limousines usually come in 6 passenger, 8 passenger and 10 passenger models. The 6 passenger model, as an example, will comfortably fit 4 adults or a total of 6 passengers. Prospective customers of limousine rentals at Gadsden Executive Limousine should rent according to the size of their party, mainly to avoid over-stuffing guests into a single vehicle.

Larger parties may want to look into 'Super Stretch' limousines offered by Gadsden Executive Limousine. These super-sized vehicles can transport up to 14 guests at a time, the most common housing 12 to 14 passengers. Super stretch limousines often contain more luxuries due to the additional room. These luxuries may include extra seating, lights, a music system and even a mini-bar with refreshments. Parties for weddings and other interpersonal occasions may want to consider renting our super stretch limousines, just for the additional accommodations.

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Gadsden Classic Limousines

Limousines are a common measuring system for luxury—though they weren't always designed with that in mind.

In fact, the first automobile limousine first came to fruition in 1902. The design allowed the driver to sit underneath a covered compartment, with the passenger compartment akin to a regular automobile.

The first stretch limousine, or the limousines we use today, came to fruition in the late 1920s. The coach company Armbruster came up with the original limousine model. The early limousine was used for transporting early famous big band leaders and their corresponding bands and equipment. For a time, limousines were known as 'big band buses,' thanks to that.

Limousines eventually lost their 'big band' moniker once more companies began refining the classic limousine design. Classic limousines eventually evolved into the 6, 8 and 10 passenger vehicles we know today. Vehicle manufacturers like Cadillac, Lincoln and Packard produced some of the most famous classic limousines, although they're now operated in private settings.

What if you want a classic limousine for your next special occasion in Gadsden? What if you're a business owner or executive who wants to add a classic touch to your party's arrival at the next Gadsden corporate event?

Limousine services like ours do provide classic limousines—with a modern touch. There's plenty of limousine manufacturers still producing limousines with a classic and more refined style and we have them available in Gadsden.

If you're perhaps more indulgent, why not try a larger classic stretch limo with additional amenities? Gadsden Executive Limousine has also got classic limousines for smaller and more conservative parties.

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Gadsden Hummer Limousines

Hummer limousines are larger versions of the limos we all know and love. They're smarter looking. They even possess a look that's almost protective in nature. That's why many people like getting hummer limousine rentals for their special occasions. Their look makes their occasion—and themselves—look important, so why not spend the money to make a special day even more special?

Hummer limousines, as mentioned, are large. They're stretch limos, commonly sized up enough to accommodate more than 10 people at a time. The largest hummer limousines, in fact, can transport up to 24 people at a time.

This is a great option for businesses who need to travel around Gadsden in groups. It's also a great way for regular people to transport parties to different venues—or even just spending a night in the vehicle on the town.

Yes, Hummer limousines are big enough to house a night around Gadsden. As they're much larger than the average limousine, they can host mini-bars with plentiful refreshments, a robust sound system, flat panel television sets and corresponding media players and even strobe lights to make the party leave the club and enter the limo itself.

Accommodations like the aforementioned make Hummer limos an ideal rental option for parties. Wedding parties love hummer limos—many bachelorette and bachelor parties rent hummer limos. Many brides and their bridal parties may be partial to renting a pink one for the special occasion.

Whether you've got a business party or a wedding party in Gadsden, H2 Hummer limousines are practically perfect to accommodate the large volume of guests.

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Gadsden SUV Limousines

If you have a medium sized party, why rent more than one limousine at a time? You don't even need to waste extra money renting a larger limousine like a hummer limo. Many interpersonal parties have smaller guest lists, so you should provide an appropriate travel option, right? Sometimes, you don't need extra space, so it's best to shop according to your current needs.

So, if you're looking to rent a limousine for a party of around 12 to 16 people in Gadsden, why not rent an SUV limousine?

An SUV limousine is a limo hosting up to 16 passengers in a single vehicle. You will have the option to choose between a 12 passenger or 16 passenger vehicle, which can drastically reduce your travel costs, as you're renting according to the size of your party.

SUV limousines are ideal for business parties, too. Sometimes, luxury business travel is provided for just a few people at a time, usually business executive and other important professionals. Guests of executives also need luxurious travel options too, so an SUV limousine can transport more than one important guest at a time.

Like hummer limos, SUV limousines provide extra privacy for guests. Many limousines like SUV limos have tinted windows and reinforced exteriors to provide the best protection possible. You can also expect central heating and/or cooling, especially during tough seasonal and weather-related conditions.

Alongside privacy, there's additional amenities included with your SUV limousine package. If you need entertainment and/or refreshment options for your guests, an SUV limousine can house those desires and more if you want.

You don't have to rent a hummer limousine anymore. You don't even need to rent several limos at a time. If your party is not too large, but not too small—take a look at Gadsden Executive Limousine SUV rental limos.

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Gadsden Town Cars

Sometimes, renting a limousine may not fit a traveler's needs. During other occasions, a traveler may prefer to avoid catching a taxi or a bus after arriving at an airport. People who fly and arrive at an airport hours later don't want to take normal transportation—though some do anyway.

If you're a traveler who wants to bypass those options, there's always other options to fulfill those wishes.

That option is a town car service. If you're tired from travel, a town car can transport you directly from an airport or even a train station, right to your hotel of choice. These services are considered more convenient transportation options. It's because of one fact: you can plan in advance.

Yes, town car services can be planned in advance. If you, as an example, have a family to accommodate on vacation, you don't want to wait for a taxi. You shouldn't even consider taking a public bus. Town car rentals are there when you and your family arrive from plane or train.

Since you and your family won't have to wait any longer, you'll avoid any further distress from your already tired family. Town car services, like ours, can also provide your family with additional accommodations like extra child seating for younger children.

Business parties too benefit from town car services. Business professionals need to be on time—it's unavoidable. Town car services can be booked in advance, right to the hour of a professional's arrival in town. These services are also available for groups of business professionals who need to arrive at the same destination in a timely manner.

People needing family, business and even wedding transportation have the option of booking our town car services right away.

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Gadsden Party Bus

Parties are usually simple to plan—until it's time to consider transportation options on the table. Most of the time, party guests arrive one at a time and through their own transportation methods. Sometimes, the party planner may even pick up a few people. Planning transportation in Gadsden doesn't have to be difficult, however. In fact, many party-goers can just take the party onto the streets of Gadsden!

Party buses let people take their celebrations on the road. A party bus, party van or limo bus is a larger limousine-like vehicle that's changed into a vehicle carrying to 12-24 passengers at a time.

A party bus is designed to literally host parties. These vehicles have essentially been converted into moving 'venues,' hosting a variety of party-related amenities. Party buses serve various kinds of people looking to host just as many celebrations, most commonly birthday parties, graduation parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

The usual party bus contains amenities much like a nightclub venue. These amenities commonly include:

  • Entertainment centers, such as flat screen TVs, robust music systems and speakers.
  • Advanced lighting options, like laser, disco and strobe lights. Some party buses also bring along smoke machines.
  • Appetizers and refreshments, including mini-bars and even refrigerating/heating options.
  • Upgraded components, usually including the seats, tinted windows and other parts of the vehicle's interior. Sometimes, a party bus may even carry on a restroom facility.

Gadsden Executive Limousine Party Bus services are a great way for people to bring their parties on the road. It not only simplifies the party planning process, but reduces the costs you may spend as well.

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